PieceMaker Kube Silicone Dab Rig

  • £79.95

PieceMaker are a bong company that hail from the USA and have revolutionised smoking with their silicone bong designs. All the water pipe and rigs are designed and developed in America and are made from the highest quality silicone.
The Kube is a unique rig for use with waxes, concentrates and oils and is completely different to anything else we have at Natural Selection. The main bond of the rig is a silicone cube with a removable metal base. All the features of the rig such as the downstem, banger and storage pot can be stored within the rig itself for safe storage and transport. The Kube rig is a truly innovative bong is a pretty much indestructible, great for when you might have over indulged!

  • Kube dab rig by PieceMaker
  • Type: Oil & Concentrates
  • Designed & developed in USA
  • Made from silicone
  • Comes with quartz banger featuring the Piece Maker "Dove" logo
  • Removable ergonomic mouth piece
  • Removable "L" shaped down stem with diffuser slits
  • Silicone dab storage container
  • Silicone tipped dab tool
  • Removable stainless steel base

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