Phoenix Star Recycler Glass Dab Rig

  • £84.95

Phoenix Star have been creating premium quality glass bongs since 2007. They create amazing to look at and use glass bongs and dab rigs with some unique designs and features.

This dab rig by Phoenix Star comes with a quartz banger for the ultimate dabbing experience and the bong is made of premium quality heat-proof borosilicate glass. This dab rig stands at 23 cm tall so is a perfect size for using at home or on the go. 
This dab rig features a unique recycler design with all glass tubes in colour. Not only beautiful appearance but also super functional. The circulating water offers the continuous filtration and airflow for the smoothest flavour. The recycler dab rig adopts a 14.4mm male quartz banger to allow smokers to get the ideal temperature faster for the purer flavour. Its curved neck design can prevent your lips from being wet.

  • Recycler Glass Dab Rig by Phoenix Star
  • Type: Oil (Comes with a quartz banger)
  • Recycler design
  • Height: 23 cm
  • SG: 14.5 mm
  • Made from heat proof borosilicate glass

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