Phoenix Star Freezable Coil Dab Rig

  • £84.95

Phoenix Star have been creating premium quality glass bongs since 2007. They create amazing to look at and use glass bongs and dab rigs with some unique designs and features.

This dab rig by Phoenix Star has a removable main tube that has a spiral percolator and is filled with glycerin. This glycerin coil section is freezable and will really cool down your smoke providing a smooth and enjoyable dabbing experience. As well as being extremely functional, this dab rig by Phoenix Star looks amazing with a coloured ball section in the middle of the spiral perc plus a turquoise down-pipe. This rig comes with a banger sand is specially designed for smoking sticky extracts, waxes and oils plus a keck clip to help keep the removable section secure and in place.

  • Glycerin Coil Dab Rig by Phoenix Star
  • Removable freezable middle section
  • Type: Oil (Comes with a banger)
  • Coil percolator
  • Height: 26 cm
  • Glass thickness: 5 mm
  • SG: 14.5 mm female
  • Comes with keck clip
  • Made from heat proof borosilicate glass

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