Paradise Seeds Original White Widow IBL Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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Paradise Seeds were founded in 1994 motivated by the poor quality weed found in Amsterdam coffeeshops at the time. They were one of the first seed companies to start experimenting with newer, American genetics as well as helping create some of the hybrids that are now synonymous with a smokey weekend in Amsterdam.  These days Paradise continue to breed with exciting new cannabis varieties as well as playing an important role in preserving classic cannabis genetics for future generations to enjoy!
Original White Widow from Paradise Seeds is a bona fide coffeeshop classic and is pure old school in cannabis form! She is an infamous strain that was instrumental in Amsterdam becoming the centre of the cannabis world in the 90s. White Widow is an explosive combination of sativa and indica genetics from Brazil and India and as the name suggest, she comes covered in crystals!
This White Widow from Paradise Seeds is the classic and original that you remember and love - she is a 50/50 combo of Indica and Sativa with parents including an outstanding Sativa from Brazil and a powerful, resinous Indica from the mountains in Kerala, South India.
The story of this  White Widow goes back to when Paradise received a clone way back in 1996 and they have been breeding it with a specially selected White Widow male since then. She has been used in some of Paradise Seeds favourite crossbreeds and hybrids, bringing that famous White Widow power and resin production. In 2012 Paradise decided that the world needed to see this original strain in its purest form.
The Paradise Seeds In Bred Line is a strong lineage that  comes from the original champion White Widow strain that was developed by their long time friend Ingemar, aka the "Father of the White Widow." Named after the Black Widow spider she is dangerously potent and comes in hot with a thick coating of white crystals that are oozing with sticky resin.
In legal grow climates you can expect a plant that displays all the characteristics that made White Widow such a legend with a reputation for amazing commercial capabilities. She is a sturdy plant with uniform growth patterns, bushy early on and then with a stretch when in flower. Many indoor growers regarded White Widow as a real gift when she was first introduced due to her remarkable consistency and easy to control nature that will be ready for harvest after just 8-9 weeks of flowering. She is easy to grow and is a great strain for beginners and the experienced gardener alike.  White Widow will even perform well outdoors reaching a height of around 2m or more and she will give a nice yield if allowed to go her full cycle.
The Original White Widow IBL from Paradise Seeds is not for the noob smoker as she has some proper potency that can catch even experienced smokers by surprise with the power she has!
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  • Original White Widow IBL feminized cannabis by Paradise Seeds
  • Type: 50% Indica 50% Sativa
  • Genetics: Brazillian Sativa x Indian Indica
  • Yield: Optimum indoor: 500 gr/m²
  • Flowering Time: 56-65 days / 8-9 weeks
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