NutraBlast Premium Air Freshener Mandarini

  • £14.95

Nutra Blast air freshener is a premium quality odour eliminating spray that is specially designed to deal with strong, hard to remove smells.
NutraBlast is a UK based company that uses the latest aerosol technology to neutralise and combat those all bad odours and tough to cover up aromas. The cans come in a large 500ml size and just a single spray is enough to freshen up a car or small room and get rid of that stale smoke stench!
The Nutra Blast air fresheners are available in four specially designed fragrances, Mandarini, Fresko, Lemonia & Agiros.
Mandarini is an orange scented spray with a subtle sweet, fruity and tangy smell that will leave a wonderfully lingering smell of summer in any space sprayed. 
Buy Nutra Blast Manadarini air freshener from Natural Selection online and in store now!

  • Mandarini air freshener by Nutra Blast
  • Eliminates strong odours
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Height: 23 cm
  • Diameter 6.5 cm

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