Kush CBD Girl Scout Cookies Vape Pen

  • £19.95

Kush CBD pens are bringing the heat with their new flavour vape pen, the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain that has been a mainstay in California dispensaries for the last few years. Girl Scout Cookies is one of the tastiest strains ever created and has a sweet cookie and dessert flavour and this pen is full of pure, natural terpenes derived from the plant itself. GSC is an indica dominant strain which provides a beautiful balance of indica and sativa effects.  Experience the taste of exotic GSC freshly baked choc chip cookies with the Girl Scout Cookies flavoured vape pen from Kush CBD.
Taste the rainbow with this new flavour from Kush CBD Vape - the tastiest vape pen around using terps derived from one of the best strains around - ZKittlez.
Kush CBD Vape are a new company from the US that specialise in premium quality pre-filled disposable CBD vape pens.
These vape pens are come pre-filled with 500ml e-liquid with flavours derived from some of your favourite
cannabis strains such as OG Kush, Blue Dream, Strawberry Banana and Super Lemon Haze, they then add 200mg of premium quality CBD oil to the mixture to create a fully legal vapable e-liquid. Each pen contains approximately 200 puffs.
The CBD in these pens is derived from trusted American grown hemp that is rich in CBD and the terpenes added are the result of years of careful research and innovation in the cannabis terpenoid research field. The disposable CBD vape pen is sleek, stylish, efficient, comes ready to use and with its cutting-edge airflow technology delivers consistent, great-tasting cannabis flavoured hits whenever you need!
The CBD Kush Vape Pen contains ZERO THC so has no psychoactive effects and is fully legal.
"All the Feel - Keep it Real!"

  • Girl Scout Cookies CBD disposable vape pen by Kush CBD Vape
  • 500ml pre-filled
  • 200mg CBD
  • Approx. 200 puffs per pen
  • Natural cannabis derived terpenes
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Diameter: 1 cm

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