King Palm "XL" Pre-roll 5 Pack (3 gram)

  • £9.95

The King Palm XL is a pre rolled, all natural blunt roll that is made for the big tokers, the full-time smokers and those that want to pass a phat one round the homies - each XL King Palm holds a massive 3 grams of your favourite herb!
King Palm Organic Pre-Rolls are the future! These are completely free of tobacco and chemicals, made from only 100% real palm leaf. Incredibly easy to use, they come with a natural corn husk filter  for a smoother, cooler smoke. Pack with your favourite ground product for a super slow burning, tobacco free blunt! Each individual King Palm XL has a capacity of around 3 grams of ground herbs.
Buy King Palm XL rolls - the best pre-rolled non-tobacco blunts on the market from Natural Selection online or in our Leeds shop now!

  • 5 x "XL" size pre-rolls by King Palm
  • Each "XL" pre-roll holds approx 3 gram of herbs
  • Made from 100% organic palm leaf from the Cordia family
  • Super slow burning
  • Hand picked, rolled and cleaned with purified water
  • No tobacco, nicotine or additives
  • Zero glue
  • Organic cooling corn husk filter
  • Made in a sustainable way
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Comes with King Palm packing stick
  • Packaged with 2-way Boveda 62% Humidity control pack

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