King Palm Kingsize Hemp Papers & Tips (Various Flavours)

  • £3.99

King Palm continue on their mission to improve your smoke with the release of their new hemp king-size rolling papers. These hemp papers are part of King Palm's passion in helping you create a more enjoyable and natural smoking experience.
King Palm king size papers come in a variety of flavours like Blueberry and Mango as well as Natural. King Palm rolling papers are made from 100% hemp and contain no GMOs, dyes, bleach or any added chemicals providing you with a cleaner, smoother smoke. The natural flavouring of each King Palm paper is designed to complement your herb, allowing the flavour to shine through whilst adding a fruity twist.

  • Kingsize Hemp Papers & Tips by King Palm
  • Each pack contains 32 papers & 32 tips
  • Made from 100% Hemp
  • Magnetic closing
  • All natural flavouring
  • No GMOs
  • No bleach
  • No dyes

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