Holy Smoke Seeds OG Upsetter Feminised Seeds

Holy Smoke Seeds OG Upsetter Feminised Seeds

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Holy Smoke Seeds have over 20 years experience in breeding and have created some truly outstanding cannabis strains. As well as years of experience in breeding the Holy Smoke Seeds have been judging cannabis for High Times for 8 years so it's no surprise that they set their standards so high.

First you had the Regular and now we have been blessed with the Female version of the infamous OG Upsetter Cannabis Seeds by Holy Smoke Seeds. OG Upsetter is a much sought after strain and delivers a great smoke due to its unique parentage which includes Tre Stardawg as well as Bubba Kush and Mob Boss genetics. Mob Boss is a rare strain which leans towards sativa and is a result of Chemdawg D and Tang Tang being crossed together for a really heavy resin producer. 
Mob boss is one of those rare gems that produced a pheno we just knew we had to work with, yes she needed some help but we couldn't wait to marry her and the results well they are even more than what we expected. So her footing is good it's only the production side we wanted to pick up as although she holds more crystals than most plants we've seen she still displayed some of the sativa traits in her production in truth so needed beefing up.
Her profile is so very nice now, what a gorgeous and enjoyable stone and she truly deserves her name. With a small touch of African sativa allowing almost no ceiling this strain keeps coming back round the corners racing like a night train as she hits all the spots on her route. it's a creeper too just when you think the initial rush is slowing down the sativa comes pushing through again giving it its name and encompasses by the cotton wool comfort effect of the indica and will pushes on long into the night, she's bright deep and clear, this med hits the spot on so many levels. She has turned out to be invaluable in treating your conditions adding help for asthmatics and inflammation.
She's loaded in Pineene, the terpene responsible for pine fragrance and is excellent as an anti inflammatory and it aids alertness and helps combat short term memory loss associated with THC.
Encompassing another huge and most comfortable stone you wish just wouldn't stop, enjoy and share! 

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  • Feminized OG Upsetter Seeds by Holy Smoke Seeds
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Mob Boss x Guide Dawg
  • Yield: Medium to High
  • Indoor flowering time: 56 – 77 days / 8-11 weeks
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Natural Selection sells cannabis seeds as adult souvenirs only. It is ILLEGAL to germinate cannabis seeds in the UK and most other countries. Natural Selection does not condone nor encourage its customers to break the law and will refuse sale to anyone we suspect of planning to do so. Natural Selection accepts no liability for customers purchasing these seeds for any other purpose. All information provided on this website and product packaging is intended for educational and product differentiation purposes only. Natural Selection does not encourage customers to break the law and would like to remind them again that it is ILLEGAL to germinate cannabis and hemp seeds in the UK.

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