Grounded Genetics Pink Limez Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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The latest release from Grounded Genetics is the amazing looking Pink Limez - a wonderful cross of Lemonade and Runtz, two of the most sought after cannabis strains of the last few years.
To make Pink Limez Grounded Genetics took the Lemonnade cut from Str8 Genetics and dusted it with the Runtz pollen from Grounded Genetic's Runtz reversal.
The cultivar that came out of this marriage is just as juicy as she sounds - an amazing terp profile will delight your tastebuds with its flavours of sweets, limes and hints of Zkittlez funk. The resin production of Pink Limez is very impressive as well and she produces abundant flowers full of amazing pink and purple colours.
All phenos produces wonderful tasting smokes with one being a perfect balance of both parents and some others leaning more towards either the Runtz or Lemonnade heritage.
Pink Limez has a relatively short flowering times of 8-9 weeks alongside decent yields and amazing resin production. She has been receiving praise from the legal growing community with @DrippingBudFarms on Instagram claiming it as the best results he has ever got from seed - he even says, "putt a few buds in your grinder and you're stinking like a portable fucking grow room for the rest of the day."

Grounded Genetics are a new seed bank but they are anything but new to the cannabis scene with years of experience cultivating strains, making high quality hash and working with various brands to help them cement a place in the flower and extract market. They have won many awards in this time including a first place at the Legends of Hashish in Amsterdam as well as working with legends in the game like DNA Genetics. Grounded Genetics have now decided to bring all this knowledge, hard work and passion for top shelf weed to the public with their feminised Bacio (Gelato 41) and Runtz seed lines.

  • Pink Limez feminized cannabis seeds by Grounded Genetics
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Lemonade x Runtz
  • Indoor flowering time: 56-63 days / 8-9 weeks
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