Grateful Seeds Papaya Cooler Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Grateful Seeds Papaya Cooler Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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Papaya Cooler feminised cannabis seeds are the latest addition to the Grateful Seeds limited edition line up. This quality new weed strain combines an outstanding cut of Papaya with Fresca Melon from Dying Breed Seeds.
The strain Papaya has been a firm favourite among those in the know for a while due to her incredible hash returns and amazingly sweet and fruity terp profile. Grateful Seeds aquired an original cut of the Papaya a while ago from the Kalada Crew and have been working with it ever since to create exciting new cannabis strains.  The taste of Papaya is a big part of her appeal with funky Papaya flavours mixing with sweet, fruit candy tastes and a hint of dank rotten apples. 
For the creation of Papaya Cooler Grateful Seeds decided to combine their cut of Papaya with Fresca Melon from Dying Breed Seeds. This is a great cross of the original ZKitlez with Watermelon ZKittlez and is one of the best examples of extreme "Z" terps around. 
The cross that came about due to the careful combination of these two parents is a quick flowering strain which, when grown in legal climates, produces plants that show great growth vigour and are coated in fat resin heads full of fruity terps. Grateful Seeds describe Papaya Cooler as a hash makers and flavour chaser's dream! She has an azazing terp profile which is notably sweeter than the Papaya with a sweet and funky fruit flavour that will leave you wanting more with each exhale.
Grateful Seeds are a small team of breeders and cannabis enthusiasts based in Barcelona with connections in the USA, Switzerland, Morocco and Mexico that has enabled them to develop some outstanding and truly unique strains. Grateful Seeds have a particular focus on finding and creating rare and exclusive terp profiles and combining these with amazing resin production. They use a fantastic array of carefully selected and worked with genetics to bring this idea to fruition and create what they call a "wild exotic wave". Grateful Seeds' hard work and passion has been recognised internationally with their weed and genetics receiving multiple awards all over the world. These feminised cannabis seeds are strictly limited and Grateful Seeds work in small, controlled batches so don't miss out!

Limited offer - Buy a pack of 5 Papaya Cooler seeds and get 2 extra Papaya Cooler seeds FREE!

  • Papaya Cooler feminised cannabis seeds by Grateful Seeds
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Papaya x Fresca Melon
  • Yield: High
  • Indoor flowering time: 55 - 60 days / 8-9 weeks
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Natural Selection sells cannabis seeds as adult souvenirs only. It is ILLEGAL to germinate cannabis seeds in the UK and most other countries. Natural Selection does not condone nor encourage its customers to break the law and will refuse sale to anyone we suspect of planning to do so. Natural Selection accepts no liability for customers purchasing these seeds for any other purpose. All information provided on this website and product packaging is intended for educational and product differentiation purposes only. Natural Selection does not encourage customers to break the law and would like to remind them again that it is ILLEGAL to germinate cannabis and hemp seeds in the UK.

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