Dutch Passion Passion Fruit Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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Passion Fruit is a feminised cannabis strain by Dutch Passion seeds that was created by their team as the result of their search to create the fruitiest weed possible. The parents attests to this fruity lineage as she is a cross of Sweet Pink Grapefruit and the famous and multi-cup winning Orange Bud.
Sweet Pink Grapefruit is quite a mysterious strain with many thinking she originated in Canada with the exact makeup of her original genetics being unknown and much discussed and argued over. The main theories are that she started with a special, extra fruity Northern Lights phenotype whilst others say she came out of a rare Blueberry line. Dutch Passion managed to obtain an outstanding clone of Sweet Pink Grapefruit and the fruity, tropical and intensely sweet taste made her a real standout and they knew they had to work with her. Coupled with Sweet Pink Grapefruit being one of the fruitiest strains they've ever tried she was also rich in THC and produced impressive yields.
To find the perfect partner for Sweet Pink Grapefruit the team at Dutch Passion chose the legendary strain Orange Bud - she has won multiple awards and hails from an original 1980s Skunk selection where she was chosen for her dense, crystal coated buds, fruity taste and iconic orange hairs.
Passion Fruit is the resulting strain and she is available in feminised seeds form from Natural Selection - she is a hybrid with a slight sativa leaning and has a relatively quick flowering times of 8 weeks. The stability of the Orange Bud genetics in particular make Passion Fruit an easy strain to grow and also enable the production of impressive yields of large, sticky and frosted buds.
The premium quality flower that Passion Fruit produces has a wonderful sweet, exotic smell and taste with instant top shelf appeal. Citrus notes are prominent with oranges, nectarines and grape flavours coming through, she is described as smelling like walking into a sweet shop.
As well as in insanely fruity terp profile Passion Fruit is a cannabis strain that packs a punch with THC levels normally of around 20% with some phenotypes hitting 25%, there are even unconfirmed reports of examples with a THC level of 30%.
Dutch Passion is one of the oldest and most respected seed banks in Holland, formed in 1987 they have over 30 years experience with breeding the best cannabis and creating the best seeds for everyone to enjoy. Dutch Passion were also the first company to create feminised seeds which they achieved in the early 90s, this has since become the main way people buy seeds and has completely changed the industry. This esteemed company is responsible for world famous strains such as Blueberry and Orange Bud and have won over 50 cannabis cups and awards.
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  • Passion Fruit feminised cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Sweet Pink Grapefruit x Orange Bud
  • Indoor flowering time: 56 days / 8 weeks
  • Cup winner: 1st Prize Outdoor Copa Del Sol - Peru 2018
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