420 Science "420 Cat" Glass Jar Medium

420 Science "420 Cat" Glass Jar Medium

  • £16.95

This new design from 420 science features a trippy cat reminiscent of the smiling chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland sitting atop a clock displaying the time 4:20.
420 Science make premium herb storage jars from the highest quality American glass in USA. These glass jars are specially designed to keep your precious herb as fresh as possible. Sometimes you find yourself on the couch with up to 10 grams sitting on the coffee table. There are those who call this a lucky day. We call it Tuesday. Either way, you can toss the nugs into a plastic bag and hope for the best, or you can put them into our Medium Pop-Top and know they're going to stay fresh. The designs are baked on so they don't rub off and the jars are made from extra tough glass with an airtight plastic gasket on the lid to help keep the sticky icky from stinking out the place.

Keep it fresh and buy 420 Science premium glass herb storage jars from Natural Selection now!

  • Medium glass stash jar by 420 Science
  • "420 Cat" design
  • Made in the USA
  • Air tight with plastic gasket in lid
  • Baked on permanent designs
  • Holds approx. 10 grams
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Diameter (base): 7.5 cm

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